VIP TALK: Is the Czech Republic Digital Yet?

18. June 2024

The Czech Republic is undergoing a development in which digital technologies become an integral part of everyday life. In this transformation, the development of electronic identities, such as Bank ID, plays a key role, allowing for quick and secure online identity verification. Already a third of all Czechs have used this feature, and its potential continues to grow.

Digitization simplifies processes in many sectors, from banking to public administration, contributes to the speed and efficiency of transactions, and paves the way for new forms of digital communication. The potential of digitizing bureaucratic processes also lies in many other spheres of the public and private sector. However, the question remains how effectively and quickly the Czech Republic is transforming in favor of digital technologies and whether it is legislatively flexible enough to adopt such changes.

Which sectors of the Czech economy benefit the most from digitization? What are the biggest challenges and opportunities associated with the digitization of bureaucratic processes in public administration? How can government institutions support and motivate citizens to make more active use of digital services? How does the legislative framework support or hinder the rapid adoption of new digital technologies?

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