Economic Forum: AI Opportunities and Risks (invitation only)

18. 6. 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a pivotal factor in modern technological and societal development, with unprecedented potential in many areas of human life and society. Based on current trends and research, it is discussed what opportunities AI offers in areas such as healthcare, education, industry, the household, commerce, and social services. At the same time, we identify potential challenges and risks posed by AI, including issues related to ethics, data security, social balance, and the impact on the labor market. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming an integral part of our reality and based on current trends, the 21st century can be described as the century of AI, where its role is growing in direct proportion to time, bringing many benefits but also many risks. 

How can the risks of AI be minimized and what steps should be taken at the level of policy, regulation, and research? In what fundamental areas is AI influencing the current nature of our society and economy, and in what areas will it be influencing it in a decade, two, three...? Which ethical issues should be taken into account when using AI in our society? Which areas of human life should be a priority for AI development investment?

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