Economic Forum: Digitalisation as a Key Player in European Growth and the Role of Mobility (invitation only)

19. 6. 2024

Europe is on the threshold of a new era where digitalization, mobility, and economic growth form an inseparable unit. Digitalization is already changing the landscape of transport, increasing efficiency, and fostering eco-innovation. It is not only a technological challenge but also an opportunity for new business models and start-ups that can deliver economic growth and strengthen international cooperation. In this respect, cooperation at the EU level is key to enabling us to succeed in a highly competitive environment and to overcome the main challenges and obstacles to faster implementation of digitalization, including the need for investment and legislative changes.

How can digitalization deliver sustainable growth and innovation in mobility? What concrete steps can cities and regions take to successfully integrate digital infrastructure? How can start-ups and new business models contribute to economic growth in the context of digitalization? What legislative changes are needed to support faster implementation of digitalization at the EU level?

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