Economic Forum: The Digital Economy and Unlocking Its Potential (invitation only)

18. 6. 2024

As the global economy rapidly digitalizes, an estimated 70% of new value created over the coming decade will be based on digitally-enabled platform business models. Fundamental shift in online commerce has been driven by two major factors that are interlinked and mutually reinforcing: technology and changing consumer behavior, rapidly accelerated by the COVID pandemic. Local brick-and-mortar merchants are no longer competing against local players, but have to directly compete against global e-commerce retailers. One could say - unequal competition for SMEs.

Can digital platforms fill in this gap so that SMEs are not left behind? Are we prepared to fully unlock the potential of digital platforms for local commerce? Can we find a right balance between unlocking the economic potential and protecting people engaging with digital platforms when preparing new regulations that are future proof?

Are you ready?

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