Miroslav Feix

Director of Capabilities Planning Section, Ministry of Defence, Czech Army (Czech Republic)

Brigadier General Miroslav Feix is the Director of the Capabilities Planning Section at the Ministry of Defence. He combines a deep interest in technology, conceptual thinking, and combat operation experiences. Most of his career has been spent with the Special Forces for whom he created a system for planning and managing operations, contributed to their transformation into a modern combat force, and implemented a comprehensive capability development system. He gained combat experience on missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan. He received his domestic education in the field of Management Theory at the Military University. Abroad, he studied at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, focusing on defense analysis with a specialization in irregular warfare and game theory. In his thesis, he developed a set of tools for solving basic situations in game theory and their visualization. In the development of the Army of the Czech Republic, he was involved in the establishment of the Information and Cyber Forces, an innovative organization that utilizes modern technology and responds to cyber, information, and hybrid threats. Currently, he continues to work on a modern army. He enjoys shaping the future, hiking in the mountains, spending time with his family, and engaging in sports.

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18. June

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Miroslav Feix, Director of the Capabilities Planning Section, Ministry of Defence, Czech Army (Czech Republic)

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