Markéta Jedličková

AI & Data Scientist, CRUXO (Czech Republic)

The world of robotics, electronics, programming and artificial intelligence fascinates me. It offers an endless fountain of knowledge and possibilities for me to learn and pursue. In the last few years I have started to specialize in data analysis and AI. In my spare time, my passion is reading books, any manual work that gives my brain a break, or listening to TED talks.

Agenda řečníka

Host se neúčastní žádné události jako řečník

Agenda moderátora




18. June

Karel Havlíček, Vice-Chairman, Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Jeremy Rollison, Head of EU Policy & Senior Director, European Government Affairs, Microsoft (USA)

Tomáš Mikolov, leading Czech scientist in the field of artificial intelligence, Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, CTU in Prague (Czech Republic)

Lukáš Kačena, Director, (Czech Republic)


Markéta Jedličková, AI & Data Scientist, CRUXO (Czech Republic)

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