Lukáš Benzl

Director of the Czech Association of Artificial Intelligence (Czech Republic)

Lukáš Benzl has over 18 years of experience in technology companies and startups. He worked in product and project management. In recent years, he has specialized in AI and its effects on companies and individuals. In 2023, he founded the Czech Association of Artificial Intelligence with the aim of supporting development and education in the field of AI. With more than 150 corporate members, it focuses on the translation of theory into practice, the ethical and moral aspects associated with the rapid development of AI technology and the popularization of sustainable ways of using AI. The association organizes free webinars for the general public and very carefully monitors the development of regulations, including the EU AI Act. The goal of the association is to become a main intersection of AI issues in the Czech Republic.

Agenda řečníka

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Agenda moderátora




19. June

Opher Brayer, Chief Scientist of Impro.AI (Israel/Canada)

Julie Lassébie, Labour Market Economist, OECD (France)

Josef Holý, IT expert, co-author of the podcast Canaries in the Net (Czech Republic)

Jan Macháček, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Institute for Politics and Society (Czech Republic)


Lukáš Benzl, Director, Czech Association of Artificial Intelligence (Czech Republic)

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