Francesco Cappelletti

Researcher, European Liberal Forum; Researcher and Lecturer, Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Italy)

Francesco Cappelletti is a researcher of the Cyber and Data Security Lab (VUB, Brussels), and member of the Center for Cybersecurity (University of Florence). He also takes pride in collaborating as a teacher at the Brussels School of Governance, where he shares his knowledge in cybersecurity, diplomacy, and disinformation, and remains committed to fostering international cooperation and security in the digital age. Currently pursuing a PhD in Cybersecurity Law at the Faculty of Law and Criminology of VUB, he holds a master’s degree in international relations from the University of Florence and a master’s degree in World Politics from MGIMO (Moscow). Francesco is a Senior Policy and Research Officer at the European Liberal Forum, where he actively engages with EU institutions to promote effective policies and research outcomes. His research work centres on security, cybersecurity and public-private partnership, and foreign affairs, with an interest in European Union digitalization and sustainability. He serves as the editor of the peer-reviewed journal, Future Europe Journal, and has contributed to the creation of various publications and books alongside respected academics. In his prior experience as a consultant, Francesco engaged with individuals and public sector, crafting strategic documents for stakeholders in various countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Italy, and France, to facilitate strategic decision-making via due diligence, litigation assistance, and pre-entry market intelligence.

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